I was in a tough stop legally, when my struggles with addiction led me to some poor choices ending with legal trouble. I was in a unfamiliar place and spoke with several lawyers. Mike Daniels stood out from the rest because of his ability to be genuine and give me all the information without me having to ask for it. Mike was able to explain all of the legality to me in easy to understand language and make sure that I understood. He helped me calm down, gave me several options, and was able to follow with actions on all of his words. I would give Mike a 5 star rating, recommend him to anyone in needs, and hire him again if need be. I would not have been as happy with the results if I had not worked with Mike.


Mike, thank you for all that you have done for my family. Not only were you there for our legal matter when we needed you and you made the court process much easier on us. You got my husband an amazing deal. You were there for my family and myself thru this trying time emotionally and spiritually. Mike you are an amazing attorney, Christan, and man. Thank you so very much for everything that you have done for us and continue to do. May God bless you in your, your family, and your career as you continue to do great things in life and in the law.

Marci Wright

Wow!! I was in a jam and called Mike Daniels. My friends recommended him. Awesome! Calling Mike was the best decision I made. He answered my calls, was easy to communicate with, and worked hard to help me and my family. When you need a strong attorney on your side, call Mike Daniels!

I am grateful for the outcome of my case, especially to have been notified by Mr. Mike Daniels whom I chose to represent me. I had previously spoken to 4 other criminal defense attorneys and when I presented my case at our initial appointment to Mr. Daniels I remember having the feeling that I was now talking to the right person. Mr. Daniels is a professional, sensitive, well mannered, and receptive individual who was very comfortable to speak with. I highly recommend Mr. Mike Daniels to stand by your side in a legal matter any time of the day, you'll know you've made the right decision. Thank you Mr. Daniels for your legal service.