Juvenile Delinquency Defense and Civil Matters in Prescott, Prescott Valley & Chino Valley, AZ

In June of 2015, Mike was awarded the State of Arizona Juvenile Prosecutor of the Year award from the Arizona Prosecuting Attorney's Advisory Council. Now, Mike leverages that past experience and prowess as a juvenile defense attorney. He knows juvenile court, the process, the law enforcement approach in juvenile cases, the rules, the State's likely position, and he knows where the case is headed and why. He can help you prepare, and will work toward a full and swift resolution of your child's juvenile court case.

Mike offers comprehensive juvenile representation, including civil proceedings related to the criminal allegations because the impact of criminal charges for a juvenile can be sweeping, extending far beyond the juvenile courtroom. For instance, if the incident is alleged to have happened at school, and it is a crime of violence, their may be a hearing of the school board to determine whether expulsion should follow. As part of Mike's fee, he can provide counsel and representation at these hearings, or any others that result from the criminal case. He understands the value of education - it is a protective factor - Mike can speak with the credibility these hearings require. Mike also offers cover letter, resume, and interview assistance to those who qualify - ask for details. He can also assist with employment, and vocational training with an angle regarding scholarships for college,potential college entrance, and transitional living. Mike can also provide assistance where a recruitment for the armed forces is pending.

Mike knows the vocabulary, the research, and evidence-based practices which is a lot when it can keep your child out of detention, or away from adult prosecution. He also knows the mechanics, and operational policies of the Prosecution. He knows the potential reach of the State - that, under certain circumstances, a juvenile case can be moved from juvenile court to adult court. Mike can see that coming, and has been in the State's chair for cases that went to adult court - he knows what to do to maintain defensive management of the case and protect against that possibility.

In Arizona, juveniles are generally appointed a defense attorney. These attorneys are of the highest caliber and quality which explains why Mike considers them close friends and colleagues. It is your personal choice whether to hire Mike, and you'll understand his position after a full and free consultation with him. There are differences among doctors, teachers, and other professionals - there are similar differences between defense attorneys - Mike's reputation sets him apart - honest, reasonable, responsible, committed, driven, resolute, and compassionate.

Indeed, Mike knows juvenile law and procedure so well that he regularly instructed new law enforcement officers during their academy training at NARTA - the Northern Arizona Regional Training Academy in Prescott & Prescott Valley, AZ. He was also tasked with developing juvenile procedure at the County Attorney's office, and trained other prosecutors in juvenile law and procedure.

After a juvenile turns 18, his or her juvenile record is still out there until certain steps are taken to get it destroyed. Mike can help with that process. Despite some limitations on who can have juvenile records destroyed in some circumstances, it remains something that must be done - it is not automatic in Arizona, and a juvenile record will remain available to anyone who makes a public records request. If you need assistance with that process, please call Mike, (928) 277-0545, or come by the office.

Most importantly, Mike is a father and sees that role as extending beyond his own children, to all the children in his community. This fundamental perspective shapes his decision making, and makes him a powerful advocate for your child. With Mike representing your child, you can trust his motives and his word.

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- juvenile record
- diversion
- ​probation fees (with specific terms and conditions for 1 to 2 years from date of sentencing (disposition)).
- a pro-rata share of the public defender's fee
- drug and alcohol screening and counseling
- urinalysis testing (gas and time expense)
- DNA collection​
- restitution
- victim fees
- administrative fees
- program fees
- time-payment fee
- fines
- diversion
- time in detention and daily detention fee
- parental assessment
- commitment to the Arizona Department of Juvenile Corrections
- transfer to adult court
- attendance and participation in specialty courts (gas and time expense)
- driver's license restrictions (ARS 28-3320)
- victim impact panel
- no contact orders, and other court orders specific to that case and that juvenile defendant
- involvement by the Department of Child Safety (DCS, formerly CPS), including investigation and possible dependency proceedings​

** ARS 8-321; 8-341