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When you work in the commercial transportation industry, you have a specific set of needs that can't be catered to by just any attorney. Mike has the experience and skill set needed to assist you with all of your legal issues. Mike used to prosecute commercial trucking violations, but now as a defense attorney, he can leverage that experience in your case. Mike knows that commercial trucking charges alone carry a heavy weight. They need to be resolved as quickly as possible to get you back to driving, and making a living. Therefore, Mike will work to compile evidence, review all documentation relating to the incident and make sure your case gets the attention you need. You'll feel much more at ease knowing your legal issue and future are in the hands of an experienced attorney!

Give yourself the best possible chance-hire Mike to represent you when you're facing a commercial trucking or transportation legal matter.

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The Law Firm of Mike Daniels, PLLC can assist you with a variety of legal matters directly related to driving commercially. Come to us for:

DUI charges
Traffic tickets
Trucking accidents

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