Criminal Misdemeanor Defense Attorney in Prescott, Prescott Valley & Chino Valley, AZ

In Arizona, misdemeanor crimes should not be underestimated or disregarded - the impact of a misdemeanor conviction can stretch far beyond the end of the case itself. Involving Mike early in your case will give you the best chances for a more favorable outcome.

Depending on the circumstances of your case, the sentence for misdemeanor convictions can include going to jail, fines, restitution, probation, community service, rehabilitative classes and counseling, restriction, suspension or even revocation of your driver's license, and the loss of the right to possess a firearm (just to name a few). In some cases, the court may order a maximum sentence -

- Class 1 Misdemeanor: 6 months in jail, $2500 fine with 83% surcharge, and 3 years probation;
- Class 2 MIsdemeanor: 4 months in jail, $750 fine with 83% surchage, and 2 years probation;
- Class 3 Misdemeanor: 30 days in jail, $500 fine with 83% surcharge, and 1 year of probation.

Regardless of the parameters of a misdemeanor sentence, a misdemeanor conviction may become part of your permanent record and can have lasting impact well beyond the criminal case. This means that if your are convicted later of other crimes, the State can request harsher sentencing - more significantly, the judge can order harsher penalties. Also, in some cases, a misdemeanor conviction will result in losing, or not being able to obtain, certain professional licenses, including but not limited to, those required to become a nurse, or a teacher.

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You should also know that misdemeanor convictions cannot be sealed or expunged, or otherwise wiped away - although in some cases, under the right circumstances, they can be set aside.

Some of the common misdemeanors in Arizona include but are not limited to:

- Assault
- Disorderly Conduct
- Threatening and Intimidating
- Failure to Appear
- Interfering with Judicial Proceedings
- Harassment
- Criminal Damage
- Trespass
- Shoplifting
- Theft
- DUI / Driving Impaired / Intoxicated
- Excessive/Criminal Speed
- Reckless Driving
- Driving on a Suspended License

However, there are specific twists and turns of the law that can make a class 1 misdemeanor Assault become a class 3, 4, 5 or 6 felony. There are twists and turns of the law, that in your case, could make a class 2 misdemeanor theft become a class 1 misdemeanor. You might even be charged with a crime of domestic violence if specific crime is alleged against a family member, or even your room-mate.

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