Boots on the Ground

Boots on the Ground is the Network’s post incident response plan implemented March 1, 2010 to further protect the legal rights of members involved in a use of force in self defense. Updated Oct. 1, 2015 to add bail assistance details and Apr. 26, 2017 to increase amount of immediate deposit against attorney fees.
The following is addressed only to Network members, and we ask that you share it only with those on whom you may rely in the aftermath of self defense – trusted family members or your attorney, for example.
Each element of this plan is important; please take time to read this document carefully.

1. If you have been involved in a self-defense use of force and want the Network’s assistance, your attorney, a trusted family member, or you yourself may telephone Network President Marty Hayes and request help.

2. During business hours, you should call 1-360-978-5200; after business hours, the emergency call number is 1-360-878-1975. Do not use the emergency number for any reason other than a call for legal assistance after self defense. Do not call to test the emergency number. It works, and if it ceases to work for some reason, we will notify you of the new number.

3. When calling after self defense do NOT relate details of the incident during your call, as this communication is not protected by attorney-client privilege and can, through several exceptions to the hearsay rule, be introduced into any subsequent court proceedings.

4. After receiving the member’s call for help, Network President Marty Hayes will dispatch a Network expert, or will himself travel to your location/the location of the incident, and/or at the request of you or your attorney provide up to a $10,000 deposit against fees. The deposit is paid to guarantee that your case receives top priority with your attorney in the days immediately following the incident, as well as providing funds to hire an investigator to perform an independent investigation of the incident.

5. If you do not have an attorney, Hayes or his designee will seek out a defense attorney at your location familiar with self-defense law. Upon your approval, that attorney will be paid up to a $25,000 deposit against fees to accomplish the duties outlined in #4.

6. The Network will interface with the member’s family as needed to help them understand the legal processes underway, and if needed, assist with bail up to $25,000. The member is responsible to provide collateral and meet other requirements of the bail agent. The member through his/her attorney must provide the Network with sufficient details to make a reasonable claim of self defense before bail funding can be provided.

7. If requested, a Network representative can respond and coordinate legal assistance at the member’s location, if the use of force in self defense is so serious as to raise the possibility of felony charges.

8. Questions about the Boots on the Ground program should be addressed to Network President Marty Hayes at 1-360-978-5200 during regular business hours or by email sent to


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