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Mike Daniels, Esq., Defense Attorney / Former Prosecutor

Honors and Awards

As a Former Prosecutor, Mike's career was distinguished. He received the STATE of ARIZONA JUVENILE PROSECUTOR OF THE YEAR from the Arizona Prosecuting Attorneys Advisory Council for 2015​​ and the DAVID R. WHITE VICTIM ADVOCACY AWARD NOMINEE for 2012.

Criminal Defense Attorney in Prescott & Prescott Valley, AZ


When you call Mike, you get Mike - there's no receptionist, there's no other attorney, Mike picks up the phone. That's access you won't find with many other attorneys, and it is access you need! You get it with Mike as your attorney. Mike communicates with his clients after hours, on the weekends, holidays, really whenever they need him - he is there for them. No more waiting until 8am Monday morning!


It means being trustworthy. It means being honest. It means being respectful and courteous. It means being dedicated and driven. Mike has all of these traits, and they are in action in his practice. Give him a call, schedule a consultation, and find out for yourself.


Mike does his very best. Each case is different, and so each result is different. No result could ever be predicted with certainty. However, Mike looks for every available opportunity to defend his clients to the greatest extent possible. He is the attorney of record for a dangerous felony weapons violation which was dismissed, and dismissal in disorderly conduct cases as well. Again, individual cases are different, but rest assured that with Mike as your attorney all avenues for the most favorable resolution will be explored.

Protect Your Rights With Mike as Your Attorney

He knows what you're up against

No matter what problem you’re dealing with, Mike has a solution. Part of that solution is the commitment Mike makes to listening to his clients, and then working toward the most favorable solution in Prescott & Prescott Valley, AZ.

Call or come by and Mike will take a look at the details of your criminal law case, and provide needed answers and a plan to solve your problem in a way that is best for you. Whether you need advice and guidance on a DUI, Misdemeanor, Felony, Child Dependency, Juvenile criminal, Felony Fraud or Drug and Weapons case; Mike is here to help. Do it today.

Let us guide you through the legal process

The court system can be confusing. When there’s a lot at stake, be sure you have Mike as your criminal defense attorney. He will guide you through the twists and turns of the legal system and will work hard to secure you the best possible outcome for your case. With Mike as your criminal defense attorney, you know you will receive sound legal counsel throughout the process and that he will always keep your best interests out front.

Learn more about our services by calling Mike at 480-694-0853 today!

Mike can't make the decision to hire him for you - You have to make a call, and talk to him. He can take it from there.

Call Mike today. Set up an initial consultation. Payment is arranged for representation on a case-by-case basis.

Second Amendment Rights

You are guaranteed your right to remain protected, and Mike will not apologize for that constitutional right. Self-defense and protection is your birth right. Possessing and owning firearms is an extension of that right in the United States - protected by the Second Amendment; However, and unfortunately, this does not mean that the government will not charge and prosecute you for exercising this right. Hire Mike to help defend your Second Amendment right.

Department of Child Safety (DCS)

Mike understands that you are scared of losing your child to DCS, and as a father, will do all he can to prevent that and bring your children home. He knows when it comes to child dependency and dependency court, that parents deserve the best possible defense against DCS. As the father of five, he feels your pain and knows your struggle when he talks to you about the possibility of losing your child. He will fight for you in dependency court to be certain that you have the greatest chance of getting your child back home.

Trucking and Transportation

Have you dealt with a DUI charge, traffic ticket or trucking accident? Mike Daniels has the skill set it takes to tackle any legal issues you may be facing. Mike understands that commercial trucking requires you to be on the road in order to make money, and he will fight for your ability to return to the road as quickly as possible. Transportation defense can keep you in your vehicle and your license in your pocket, and Mike wants to give you the best possible opportunity to fight any charge. Whether you are a commercial truck driver or are facing a transportation case, Mike can help you today.

Drug Charges

If you are facing drug charges, you need Mike's help. Mike can leverage his knowledge of what the State wants, what the Court expects, and what you can do to try to hedge against a lengthy prison sentence

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